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Coming Soon...

We're back at it. Recording new music with an estimated April release date. Two new songs tracked at our place, mixed by Wyman and mastered by Adam. We are welcoming Joe Beninati to the line up on drums. One of the new songs, "Live with the Good" will feature Lilly Hiatt. Exciting stuff!

Live with the Good 

Recently penned, "Live with the Good" is a duet featuring Lilly Hiatt. The song will be recorded in March with a potential April release. The song is sort of about creating a filter for the bad things you can't forget. Things you don't want to keep on living with. Pisser we forget lots of the good stuff. Anyway, super excited to be working with Lilly.

The Harvester 

During the season of giving thanks, I have found a way to give to a wonderful cause in the form of a benefit show for the Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program in Brunswick, Maine. More info about the MCHPP can be found here: Please, please, please find your way to the Merriconeag Grange Hall on Route 123 in Harpswell on November 30th at 7:00pm. Gregg Hoover and I will be delivering an acoustic show not to be missed. 

Lost in the Snow 

March 14, 2018 - We wake to a world of white. Thick blankets cover everything. Trees drowsy, branches bent trying to reach the ground. Nothing is ready to shake it off and start the day. I am lost in it all. Out to the river and back. Out to the field and back. Out to the street and back. Tonight we begin tracking the new single. Once again, I will find myself in song and the companionship of musicians. I look forward to Lost finding you.