Weathered by salt and sea, Matt Newberg has been weaving his life and songs through the tall pines, rocky coast and granite mountains of Maine for over twenty years. Born in upstate New York, his family moved to the coastal town of Harpswell when he was aged five. There, he walked the rural roads, tipped sailboats on the bay and fought on the local playground after little league games. His musical career began in Burlington, Vermont while a student at UVM but his passion was kindled early on while listening to his mother sing James Taylor songs at the piano. His first physical memory of a song is Neil Young’s Sugar Mountain, an artist that continues to have a significant impact on his music. 

A long time teacher, Matt’s musical career has ebbed and flowed. He is currently preparing to release a single entitled, Lost. The project brings him together with long time collaborators Gregg Hoover on guitar and Jeff Glidden on drums. Jake McCarthy (of Love to Burn, Pantones, etc.) has joined the band on bass. Along with Jonathan Wyman (the Halo) and Adam Ayan (Gateway Mastering), the group is excited for the new release.